Week 18: Smooth

This week’s post will just be brief because I don’t really have much to write about. I didn’t trade last Friday and also did not do much any trading on Monday due to travelling to London for the bank holiday weekend. I was still looking for a gap fill on the dollar (continued from last week) but entries either happened outside of normal hours i.e. … [Read more...]

Week 17: Minimum Effective Dose

I've heard the term "minimum effect dose" used in medicine, exercise, nutrition as a way to describe the least amount of input (or work) to get the most results. I first heard this term from Tim Ferriss and it resonated with me because it was a good fit for what I was trying to achieve with trading. I've always had this term in the back of my mind … [Read more...]

Week 16: Victory

Victory comes from an accumulation of good decisions that lead to success. Small wins eventually have a big impact. This is true in war, sports and even trading: There are a lot of ways a trader can improve their performance and most of them are very simple such as: Waking up earlier to organise your trading day. Reviewing charts at the … [Read more...]

Week 15: Fast

One of my goals for trading has always been to reduce the amount of time spent doing trading activities in order to maintain a good work/life balance. Even though I enjoy trading, freedom is important to me. Some say trading gives you freedom whereas other will tell you that trading requires you to be chained to a screen because of the amount of … [Read more...]

Week 14: Almost Impossible

The more I learn about trading, the more I realise how difficult it is and why so many fail to achieve consistent returns. Trading is not just difficult, it’s very difficult. The difficultly comes from not understanding how markets work and the reasons behind market movements. Even if you have good knowledge of the auction process, you still need … [Read more...]

Week 13: The Theory of Everything

Most traders go wrong chasing entries when good trades are much more than this. It's difficult to trade if you can't make sense of market movements. Every trader needs an accurate way to read charts and one way I do it is by having a framework. My price action framework consists of 3 things: 1. Price Action Building Blocks - These are main … [Read more...]

Week 12: Subtract

The paradox of learning is that the more you learn, the less you know. This is also true of trading and over the past few months I've come to the realisation that developing new setups has become somewhat of a waste of time. I've discarded around 90% of the things I've learned. I'm at the point where I'm actually discarding 1:3 risk reward … [Read more...]

Week 11: Smartcuts

I read a book a while ago called "Smartcuts" by Shane Snow about how people accelerate success and I was reminded about it last week when I wrote about the importance of creativity in trading. In that post, I didn't go into any depth about some of the areas creativity can be used so here are 3 examples: 1. Stop loss placement - The trade execution … [Read more...]

Week 10: Rivals

"The only competition worthy of a wise man is himself" - Washington Allston A quick look at the twitter trading universe reveals some startling musings from fellow "traders". Some only post winning trades, others go silent when their trade calls don't work and at least one thinks they are the best trader on the planet but trades on a demo account. … [Read more...]

Week 9: The Importance of Creativity

What has creativity got to do with trading? Creativity is probably one of the most important attributes for determining whether or not someone will be a profitable trader. A trader with creativity is like having a superpower. It helps you to look at problems from another perspective and come up with solutions that are unconventional. For example, … [Read more...]