Weekly Review (4 – 8th November): The Next Level

Another week has gone and, while there was some high impact news this week, I had a very calm and disciplined trading week. I didn't trade ECB news or the NFP moves and still managed to pick up points. Fortunately, there were enough opportunities even without trading the news events. I added a few new lessons to my observation list this week and … [Read more...]

15 Minute Inside Candle Strategy

I finished reading "The Playbook: An Inside Look At How To Think Like A Professional Trader" by Mike Bellafiore a couple of days ago and one of the main lessons I learned from the book was to build a playbook of trades. Having a playbook helps you to trade only setups that you know and trust. It helps eliminate trades driven by emotions such as … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Your Losing Trades

There are two types of losses in trading. One is a technical loss where the market does not move in your desired direction and the other is a loss from an unforced error. The good news is that taking technical losses is a good thing as it means you are executing trades and unforced errors can be stamped out with some recognition and … [Read more...]

Weekly Review (28th – 1st November) – Morning Call

This week has been quite tricky but there were many opportunities available to make a decent amount of points if you were patient. One of the things I've noticed for the past 2 weeks is the lack of opportunities in the DAX and FTSE in the morning session, particularly the first 3 hours due to flat markets. Nevertheless, I've still been able to get … [Read more...]

Double Bottom Trading Example

One of my goals going into this week was take more double top (DT) and double bottom (DB) trades. These trades work well in markets with a defined range and I've been seeing this type of market more frequently in the past few trading days. There was an opportunity to take a double bottom today on the FTSE and I thought I'd share it: On the chart … [Read more...]

Week Review (21st – 25th October): Work in Progress

The week started off slowly  with the market waiting for NFP but I was happy to break my tradition of having a losing trade on Monday. I only took one trade for the day which thankfully closed out positive. The main event of the week was NFP on Tuesday which caused a lot of movement on all three markets that I trade. I didn't take enough of the … [Read more...]

Intraday Trading Is Probably Not As Glamorous As You Think..

Trader A made £3000 this morning, how much did you make? Trader B made £10,000 this week, can you do that? The media has always portrayed trading as a fast paced, exhilarating activity next to images of champagne bottles, super cars and plastic women. Just take a look any newspaper article about a hedge fund manager or watch programs such … [Read more...]

Week Review (14th – 18th October): Experimenting with Weekly Trades

Is thirteen an unlucky number? I took 13 trades across the FTSE, DAX and DOW this week and ended up with 11 winning trades and 2 losers so 75% success rate is not bad. The two losing trades were not too bad, one was due to jumping onto a trade to quickly and the other was a price stall and then a breakout. The first losing trade was caused by … [Read more...]

Week Review (7th – 11th October) – Missed Opportunities

As mentioned previously, I do a weekly review to find new opportunities and learn from my mistakes. This post will highlight a missed opportunity and a trade that I mismanaged. Hopefully this post will help you to avoid making the same mistakes. The week began pretty well with some good movement on Monday and Tuesday. I managed to get on a few … [Read more...]

What a Professional Boxer Can Teach You About Trading

I've always been a fan of combat sports and one of the sports that I really enjoy is boxing. There are many reasons why boxing is great but the one reason that might cause you to look at boxing in a different light is that it can help you become a better trader. Boxing and trading are actually very similar. In both instances you are facing a big … [Read more...]