Trading Motivation: A Compilation of Memes and Videos

The motivation behind trading can be the difference between a profitable trader and a losing trader. Successful trading does not begin with a profitable strategy. It starts at having the persistence to find that profitable strategy and to stick with it.

Trading motivation can impact traders at different stages in their trading career. It gives beginners the drive to learn a new skill and bounce back from failed tests. For the experienced it powers their need for continual improvement.

Motivation can ebb and flow. How do you get motivated and stay motivated?

I’m quite a self-motivated person and I’ve never had a problem with hard work. Whether it’s in sports or business, I enjoying learning and become the best. I think most people will have a base level of motivation in their life that will increase as they experience more and more success. When people see their decisions giving them progress and results, they develop more confidence and faith in their abilities. Occasionally the motivation may drop but it’s usually just temporary and a result of being overworked.  My advice for those that lack motivation is to take a short break, reassess your trading schedule and then come back stronger!

Here are some of my favourite trading motivation quotes and videos:

learn from losing trades


Success is no accident

Trading isn't easy but you CAN get better


Motivational Videos

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