Week 18: Smooth

This week’s post will just be brief because I don’t really have much to write about. I didn’t trade last Friday and also did not do much any trading on Monday due to travelling to London for the bank holiday weekend.

I was still looking for a gap fill on the dollar (continued from last week) but entries either happened outside of normal hours i.e. AUDUSD short at 1.30am, narrowly missed my limit orders or they happened at news when I was not trading i.e. USDCAD and USDCHF on Wednesday at FOMC. We also had NFP on Friday which was another factor for a fragmented trading week.

Even though I didn’t make any amazing trades this week, I still worked on my trading in other ways. I made a few small changes to my identification criteria which should make things easier going forward. I don’t usually make as many modifications but, as mentioned previously, I’m looking for very specific circumstances for entry so these refinements were needed and a part of the process.

Along with this, I made a host of minor changes to my tracking such as cleaning up my trading journal and spreadsheets so that pre-filled sections are easier to access and understand.

Everything should now be ironed out and I think the rest of the month should see some great gains made.

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